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A New Musical Year, a New Home

For about 15 years, we've been playing tag and then a bit of hide-and-seek.

I've been visiting high schools across the Lower Hudson Valley of New York, 60 or so a musical season from January to May, getting a first-hand look at magic on stages.

Then, after talking to thousands of kids a shooting photos and video and capturing the vibe, I've posted my thoughts all over -- on www.lohud.com, on Snapchat, Pinterest (believe it or not), Twitter and Facebook.

Now, I'm here. If you're reading this, you're here, too. Welcome. Tell thousands of your friends I'm here. I'll be visiting some schools -- on my own time and dime, not affiliated with The Journal News (which remains my "day job") -- and will chronicle what I find here.

Happy to have you along for the ride, at kramerwrites.com.


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