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Andy Borowitz

In March 2018, when the Tarrytown Music Hall was looking for a local reporter to sit down with The New Yorker satirist Andy Borowitz, my phone rang.

As someone who doesn't trade in fake news (and who bristles at the term), I confess I'm a fan of Borowitz, an equal opportunity skewerer of political hypocrisy whose "Borowitz Report" regularly makes me laugh out loud.

Still, there was something a bit unnerving about sitting across from him, a comedian with a rapier wit who takes no prisoners.


I needn't have worried.


Borowitz was a charming conversationalist who had the audience spellbound with his stories of how often his column, which is clearly labeled "Not the News," is taken for the real thing. Food for thought.

Here's my view from backstage.

Read my preview of the event, based on an interview with Borowitz.

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