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Pedro's Open Mic

After more than a decade championing the exceptional Metropolitan High School Theater Awards, I wanted to create a celebration with "no costumes, no sets, and no trophies." 

I found kindred spirits at Harrison High School, which has hosted "Pedro's Open Mic" three years running. It comes the weekend after the final musical closes, and gives every production one more chance to shine.

In the first years, it fell to me to make it happen, and I didn't hold back. I created the logo design, the T-shirts and the look and sound of the event. I wrote the script, set the show order, coordinated volunteers and ticket sales. The campaign continued on Facebook with social cards I created. We had more than 525 in the house in 2018.

I also emceed the show.

It's a labor of love that ends, each year, with everyone singing Jonathan Larson's "Seasons of Love."


Pedro's Open Mic is how I've measured the year.

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