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Inspiration is everywhere.


I found the inspiration for one of my most ambitious events while sitting in traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge.


The events I've spearheaded are efforts to build community, to parlay my passion and access and connections into journalism that goes far beyond the printed page or a website. 

That's the model for modern news outlets and companies: making meaningful connections with clients, readers, and  customers in ways that set us apart. 

Whether it's literal link-ups -- bridges -- or bonding with kids over showtunes, my journalistic approach is about making unforgettable connections. Here are four examples:

Bridging Art: Commissioning art inspired by the TZ

Andy Borowitz: A chat with Mr. Fake News

The Metro Awards: The loudest, proudest night

Pedro's Open Mic: No costumes, no sets, no trophies


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