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Check out my deep dives into three Broadway-bound musicals: "Shrek," "The Little Mermaid" and "Curtains."


I've been fortunate to interview dozens of stars of stage, screen, music and letters over the years. 

The work requires research, reviewing their body of work, reading their books, seeing their shows, in order to bring more than a superficial perspective to the new work they are promoting.

I wouldn't dare approach them unprepared, but I'm always struck by how surprised they are that I've done the legwork. 

After I interviewed the actor and playwright John Cariani, whose magical play "Almost Maine" is perennially among the most-produced plays on high-school stages each year, he took the time to write to me.


"Thank you so much for the great interview," he wrote. "I am pretty stunned by how much you knew about the play. By how well  you knew the play. Thank you for the time and the care you took. Means so much. Seriously."

Celebrity interviews also require patience and persistence, navigating a thicket of handlers and assistants  and schedules and locations. 

When they work, you get a glimpse into their genius. 

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